Bill Vanko


Bill Vanko is an award-winning reporter and broadcaster whose profession is news, but whose passion is photography.

Trained as a zoologist, he made a fortuitous wrong turn on the way to the unemployment line, and began his career in broadcasting more than 20 years ago. Since then his assignments have carried him all around the world to countries including Russia, Germany, England, Jamaica as well as many places here in the United States where news was being made. And always, he took his camera.

His love for zoology and the natural world around us endures in his collection of more than 30 thousand photographs of bugs, birds, bats, snakes, sharks, squirrels, flowers, fish, friends and anything else that will sit still long enough for him to press the shutter button.

These days, Bill can be heard each morning beginning at 5am delivering the news on WBAL Radio (AM 1090) in Baltimore

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